teatru-poza-micaTourism of event

Special events highlight the attractive objectives with permanent character in the city and are most times part of complex tourist packages offered by travel agencies. Oradea is the host of many regular cultural events polarizing the regional and cross-border interest, among which the most representative ones are the Autumn of Oradea (half of September -12th October) and the Feasts of Oradea Fortress (end of June – beginning of July), organized every year.  It is also of great interest the Festival „Floare de Lotus” (Lotus Flower) for young talents of light music and The Fair of Folk Craftsmen.


The County Plan of Development for Bihor mentions: Festum Varadinum, the International Sports Dance Festival, the International Cheerleader Festival, the International Book Salon, the international folk festival: Flowers picked from Crişuri, reunions of photographer artists, Short Theatre Festival, “Autumn of Oradea” Festival organized around the anniversary of Municipality Oradea, is an important moment for a series of events, but insufficiently valorised – according to the County Development Plan.

The sports tradition and the sports competitions in the city (polo, there is a Swimming Pool at high standards, the first in the country) also generate flows of visitors.