universitateapoza-micaEducation is one of the pillars of establishment of the state of health of a nation. Education for culture is decisive in the formation of the individual. At local level education is carried out in state units and in private educational units. The state education is carried out in a number of 16 elementary schools, 24 high schools and a university. The secondary education in Oradea is based on a single private high school, and the university education is based on 4 units (Agora, Emanuel, Partium and Spiru Haret). In the secondary education system of Oradea a number of 35.000 students are educated and in University of Oradea about 28.000 university students are educated, pupils and students who can represent an important public for the cultural events of Oradea.


The School of Arts „Francisc Hubic” represents for Oradea inhabitants an important institution of artistic education for youth and adults, in the fields of vocal and instrumental music, for classical music, folk music and light music, for plastic arts and choreography (classical dance and modern dance). By the activities proposed, it is the most important trainer of education and artistic talents in Oradea.


At preschool and school level the education for culture and by culture lost seriously by amount in the last decade, the literary clubs, the artistic clubs, the  modern or folk dance ensembles of the schools have almost disappeared. This educational mission, in the spirit of love for art and culture, was somehow transferred to Children’s Palace, and more recently to Children’s Town. Thanks to the local programmes for culture, youth and education, this field with the implicit restraints and incoherences had a welcome financial support.