parc-poza-micaGreen Oradea

1. Dendrological parks (route of about 4 hours) and protected areas: The Park from Baroque Complex – is located between Muzeului Street and Dacia Bld., is a park with secular trees and rare protected species such as Sequoia Gigantaea.

Dendrological Park from University – is located on Universităţii Street and has a series of secular trees and rare species, acclimated in the country, such as Ginko Biloa.
Treatment plant – is located on Borşului Road (NATURA 2000 site) and is representative for the lovers of lacustrian environment. Beyond the rich hydrological and hydrophilic vegetation, those who are interested can see colonies of water birds, from cranes and storks to egrets and swans.

2.    Criş River Meadow (route of 3 hours) – is a delight which follows the whole route of Crişului Repede River through Oradea up to the Bridge from Historical Centre. The maximum amplitude of development of vegetation is in the Eastern area of the city where the quiet is conspicuous as well as the explosion of green which extends to the summit of the hills in the area. The dominant vegetation is lover of water both in the area of wooden vegetation and of herbaceous layer.

3.    Parks – true oases of green and quiet, they mark out the central area of the city, here they have the widest development. The oldest parks such as Bălcescu Park or I.C. Brătianu Park benefit from the existence of species of secular oak trees. The other ones, more recent, such as 1st December Park, 22nd December Park or Liberty Park are subjected to the canons of modernity and refined landscaping arrangements.

4. Cat Hill (Mushroom), Podgoria Forest – are located in North-Eastern part of the city and are true panorama points from the middle of nature over the entire city.