Muzeul memorial „Ady Endre”
„Ady Endre” Memorial Museum
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“Ady Endre” Memorial Museum is housed in the former „Müller” coffee-shop, a heritage building which was very popular amongst the local gentry of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. This gallant establishment, with a terrace, was one the favorite places of young poet Ady Endre and he enjoyed creating here. Within, volumes from the writer’s work can be seen (editions of his poetic, journalistic and prose works, published both during the poet’s life as well as post-mortem; the great value of this collection is awarded by the first editions, some of which bear the author’s dedication), numerous documents (prints which attest to the interest and gratitude of the posterity towards Ady Endre’s personality, represented by cultural-literary manifestations, literary evenings, poetry recitals, artistic performances, the inauguration of the memorial museum, the inauguration of Ady’s statue, granting his name to a school and a street), as well as Ady Endre’s manuscripts (letters, post cards addressed to persons close to the poet, signed articles and poems, other manuscripts from members of the “A Halnap” literary society and some of the poet’s close friends, correspondence between Ady’s family members and various researchers of his work).

To these remarkable collectibles, numerous literary magazines published throughout the century (the “Nyugat” – “The Occident” – magazine collection, which existed between 1908 and 1937 and is considered the most important Hungarian literary magazine of the previous century) can be added. Ady Endre’s contribution to its existence is remarkable, going from contributor, to editor, a function which he will exert until his death in 1919.

The photography collection of the exhibition is comprised of: photographs of the poet in different stages of his life, photographs of Ady family members, some fellow editors and friends of the poet.

Another remarkable fact is that the museum’s patrimony holds an impressive collection of old photographs, especially from the late half of the 19th Century and the beginning of the 20th Century.