Muzeul memorial „Iosif Vulcan”
The “Iosif Vulcan” memorial museum
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The “Iosif Vulcan” memorial museum functions inside the building which, between 1896 and 1906, was the home of Iosif Vulcan and the editorial office of “Family” magazine. This museum holds a prized collection comprising a series of both original and copy documents, numbers of the five series of “Family” magazine, founded by Iosif Vulcan in 1865, furniture, artwork and paintings belonging to him.

The visitor can find a collection of volumes from the author’s work (history, poetry, theatre: My Lyre, The Romanian Pantheon, The Wounds of the Nation, The Hornets of Love (manuscript), Sun with rain, King Stephan The Young, Bride for the Bride), the literary and history magazines collection: “Family”, series I, II, II, IV, V, “The Vesper”, “The Royal Foundations Magazine”, “Foaie pentru inimă, minte şi literatură” (Paper for the heart, mind and literature), The Three Rivers Crib, but also documents containing school files belonging to Iosif Vulcan, Mihai Eminescu’s debut in “Family”, some texts about Vulcan’s admission to the Romanian Academy, a manuscript of an hymn by George Enescu dedicated to Vulcan, as well as a handwritten manuscript of a poem by Mihai Eminescu, works signed by Vasile Alecsandri and George Cosbuc. Also here is a reproduction of the title page to Dimitrie Țichindeal, Reception Speech by Iosif Vulcan, member of the Romanian Academy, and reproductions of the correspondence between Vulcan and Dimitrie Sturdza.

All these remarkable pieces pertaining to the prodigal activity of the intellectual Iosif Vulcan are joined by several paintings and other works of art present in his home (Vulcan’s painting, done by Torday Gross, an enormous panorama over the city of Oradea, painted in 1864 by Kustrovics Istvan).

The replicate of the creative atmosphere in which dr. Aurel Lazăr spent his life is completed by the furniture collection that can be admired inside the museum, comprising a carved table, a bench and a wooden intarsia desk in eclectic style etc.