Casa memorială „Aurel Lazăr”
The “Aurel Lazăr” Memorial Home
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The Aurel Lazăr memorial museum (important Romanian politician, advocate for the rights of Romanians in Transylvania) is housed in the building that served as the home of the lawyer’s family. The collection on display to visitors consists of: the furniture of the original parlor (comprised of a witting desk with cassettes and carved legs, two “male” and two “female” carved chairs, a carved sofa), numerous portraits and photos of the Lazăr family (the oil painting of Aurel Lazăr, drawn after his photo portrait, framed photo of Aurel Lazăr’s father, photo portrait of Aurel Lazăr, framed photo of Aurel Lazăr’s mother, a medallion with parent’s photos, framed photo of mother Iulia Lazăr and child, portrait of Madame Aurelia Lazăr in national costume, Aurel Lazăr’s family photo with wife and son, photo of Aurel Lazăr’s son in the backyard, photo of Aurel Lazăr in the workshop of E. Kovacs, portrait photo of Aurel Lazăr in evening wear) and art works of Secession and Asian influence.