Biserica din Cetate
The Church from the Citadel
  • Architecture – Stil baroc provincial
  • Built – 1775
  • Architect -

The Citadel Church is located within the Renaissance-built Citadel of Oradea, at Emanuil Gojdu nr. 41 Square.
The church is a wall construction erected within the Princely Palace, in front of which there is a corridor connecting the courtyard of the Palace with the outer courtyard.

According to documents and other historical testimonies, its construction was finished in 1775. The style is Baroque with numerous provincial artistic elements. Its reconstruction made some changes, given that initially the building had been in the same place, but with a different appearance. They were mainly performed on the exterior, the Baroque tower, the portico from the entrance corridor and the side door from the narthex of the church.

The 1836 fire, that destroyed some parts of the town, affected this church as well. The roof of the tower, initially in Baroque-style, would become a simple low pyramid with tiles after the restoration (currently covered with sheet-metal). In 1992 the church was renovated and nowadays it serves as a house of prayer for Roman-Catholic Slovakians living in Oradea.