Sediul Lojei masonice
Masonic Lodge Headquarters
  • Arhitectura – Eclectic
  • Perioada – 1901-1902
  • Arhitect – Balint Zoltan, Jambor Lajos
On the University Street at number 4 is located an interesting building around which , especially inside of it  hovered an atmosphere of mysticism and mystery. It’s about the building that housed nearly half a century the Masonic Lodge “St. Ladislaus”. The builders of the eclectic construction, with dominant elements of neoclassical architects, are two members of the Masonic Lodge from Budapest, Bálint Zoltán and Jambor János.

Without being an imposing or massive building , she came known to the attention of architecture lovers as the only building in town built in typical Masonic style . The facade, constructed according to the Masonic standards, completely lacks windows , with only a portico well marked . It is bordered by two side pilasters and downtown has two small columns finished in sober doric capitals . The upper part of the portico is composed of: architrave , frieze , cornice and , finally, a triangular pediment. All these constructive neoclassical elements were combined at a time with specific Masonic ornaments .

Unfortunately both the”divine eye” placed in the triangle of rays, as well as the statues of sphinxes were gone. Noteworthy is that the Secession style is also present in the assembly through the fence.