Complexul Capucinilor
The Capuchins Complex
  • Architecture – Clasicist
  • Built – 1734-1838
  • Architect -

The Capuchin Monastery and Church are situated between General Traian Moşoiu and Cuza-Vodă streets. This complex consists of a church and a monastery and it is a living proof of the prevalent Neoclassical style in Oradea at that time. It was initially designed as a Baroque construction between 1734 and 1742, but the fire from 1836 destroyed it completely. The reconstruction of the complex was performed in Neoclassical style, very fashionable then, and was completed in 1838 by master builder Barthel György.

The church interior is simple and the relatively small nave is partially painted, with images appearing on the ceiling only. The pictorial images, inspired artistically by Western influences, are remarkable through their simplicity and strong lay elements.