Biserica reformată “Orașul Nou
The New Town Reformed Church
  • Architecture – Classic Baroque Style
  • Built – 1784-1787
  • Architect – Eder Iacob şi Rimanoczy K.
Located on Primăriei Street, the building was constructed in Neoclassical style between 1835 and 1853 and it is a result of the demographic and spatial expansion of the Protestant community of Oradea beginning with the first half of the 19th century.

The spectacular and monumental church was built according to the plans and vision of architect Szász József. Its construction underwent various stages. The inconveniences given by its massiveness meant that it was hard to continue the construction work due to the lack of financial support. The 1848 Revolution added to the events that troubled the construction. In spite of these obstacles, the church was finished in 1853, after 18 years.

The towers on the sides of the main facade date from 1870-1871. They are a visual emphasis of the monumentality effect. Inside there are two immense bells. The one situated in the Western tower, named Kola bell, after the butcher (Kola Gábor) who donated it, is the largest bell in town. It weighs 3.6 tonnes and before it was connected to a power supply, it had to be pulled by two strong men.