Șirul Canonicilor
The Corridor of Canons
  • Architectural style – Barque
  • Built – 1693-1700
  • Architect -
THE CORRIDOR OF CANONS (Corridor of Canons/Șirul Canonicilor Street), on the left side of our route, is in fact an architectural complex comprising 10 buildings in a line, constructed in multiple stages over the course of a hundred years. The first building is said to have been constructed between 1753-1758, and the last one in 1875. They were built to house clergy of the Diocese. Although architecturally distinct, the trained eye can detect the differences of shape and size in windows, suggesting a coherent whole with the portico supported by massive pillars and the bohemian ceilings. The predominant style is baroque, but some specialists assert that it has more to do with the classical popular architecture of Transylvania. Those predisposed to inquisitiveness will count 57 arches that create the illusion of an infinite line.