Complexul Mizenicordienilor
The Misericordia Complex
  • Architecture – Baroque Style
  • Built – 1754-1760
  • Architect -

THE MISERICORDIA HOSPITAL (Republicii Street, nr. 33) and THE MISERICORDIA CHAPEL are on Republicii Street, next to the end of Magheru Boulevard that opens into Oradea’s Corso. The chapel was the first building of the complex, constructed and completed between the years 1754 and 1760. Its style is Late Baroque. The novelty of this place of worship consists in its solution to the roofing problem. The elliptical dome covering the small building, 22 m by 14.30 m is one of the rarest architectural solutions used at the time and in this area of Romania.

The construction of the Hospital started in 1761. This is when the rooms of the short wing were built. The construction work of the long wing, the one on Republicii Street, only started in 1792. The impressive portal that opens in the courtyard was built in 1799. Stylistically, it also belongs to the Late Baroque. On top, there are three statues representing: Saint John Nepomuk to the right, Saint John, protector of the ailing and of hospitals, and on the left of the portal, Saint Florian, patron of firefighters and defender against fires and floods. The pharmacy “on the stairs” dates from the same period. Within, the visitor will discover the massive carved wood furniture, also dating from the same period, the bronze statuettes, some utensils and pharmaceutical vessels also being very old and quite noteworthy.