Complexul Premonstratens
Premonstratensian Complex
  • Architecture – Baroque Style
  • Built – 1741-1766
  • Architect – Vépi Máte

At present a Roman-Catholic church, ‘The Bereaved Mother of God’ used to function as a Pauline monks’ church and later as a house of worship for the Premonstratens order. It was built between 1741 and 1766, after Bishop Nicolaus Csáki from Oradea donated the land on which the building stands to the Pauline order in 1740. The architect and, it seems, the executor of the church is a Pauline monk named Vépi Máte. The church facade gives the impression of massiveness, highlighted by the two corner towers. It is divided into three horizontal axes and three vertical registers. In the central register there is a portal ending with a gable. Above it there is a window in the central axis, typical of Baroque churches. As a whole, this church is Baroque-style with Neoclassical elements.