Sinagoga Ortodoxă
The Orthodox Synagogue
  • Architectural Style – Eclectic
  • Built – 1890
  • Architect – Bach Nándor

The Orthodox Synagogue is located on Mihai Viteazul Street, in a still active centre for the Jewish community of Oradea. However, when the construction work started, the Jewish community here was one of the most significant groups from an economic and demographic perspective. Thus, given their cultural and religious tradition, but also their economic power, the building had to be emblematic.

It was erected in 1890 by builder Knápp Ferenc, who followed the plans drawn by architect Bách Nándor. Its style is Eclectic, with strong Moorish adornments on the friezes, still visible today.

At present, this is the only functioning synagogue in Oradea, as the number of Jews in Oradea dropped significantly when the majority was deported during the Second World War, and during the communist regime, when they emigrated either to Israel, Western Europe or the United States.