Biserica Sf. Treime
The ‘Holy Trinity’ Orthodox Church
  • Architectural Style – Baroque
  • Built – 1693-1700
  • Architect -

This is one of many places of worship that were declared historical monuments and it can be visited on 5 Parcul Traian Street. Its troubled history had an influence on whom to choose as a patron saint and how its interior developed, since it was used consecutively by priests and believers of three denominations – Roman-Catholic, Ruthenian (Greek-Catholic) and, at present, Orthodox Christians.

The construction work started in the troubled years following the Habsburg occupation in the area. More specifically, this occurred in 1692 when Ottomans no longer ruled in town. We mention that this is the first Roman-Catholic church built extra muros, i.e. outside the walls of the Citadel of Oradea.
The construction, initiated by Roman-Catholic Bishop Ágoston Benkovics, was the first church in Olosig quarter at the time. ‘Saint Bridget’ church, named after its patron saint, fell to the fire from 1703, only to be restored 19 years later, in 1722.

It is a simple church with a nave and a pentagonal altar, counting on a small elevation and a wooden tower at its end. Stylistically speaking, even though it was initially designed in the Baroque style (as suggested by the curved shapes on the gable), its current style is Eclectic, scarce in technical solutions or stylistic artifices. The interior painting, in the ‘al fresco’ technique was done recently, between 1982 and 1985.