Biserica romano-catolică “Sf. Duh”
The Roman-Catholic Church
  • Architecture – Stil baroc manieristic
  • Built – 1787-1901
  • Architect – Knapp Ferencz

This building hides an old and relatively troubled history. Initially, this place had been a monastery of Franciscan monks, but the dismantling of this order by Emperor Joseph II lead to this area and building to pass to the Roman-Catholic church from 1787. Hence, a new tower (53 m) that split the main façade in three parts was added to the initial old ecclesiastical building, where some elements are still preserved today (the lateral altars from the chapels, the crypt). Engineer Knapp Ferencz is the man behind the construction of the tower, who reached the outstanding performance for that period to erect it in just four months.

In the year 1891, a true curse was cast on the church. It is the moment when the construction revealed its weaknesses between the nave and the tower, where a split was noticed. It was adamant that the structure be rebuilt as soon as possible. Nonetheless, a new split emerged on the dome of the church, a century later in 1901. Restoration solutions were no longer in sight, so that the church was closed and the nave was demolished. The restoration mission was handed to architect Rimanóczy Kálmán-jr. He was the one to give the building a pseudo-Baroque style or, according to other experts in the history of architecture, a Mannerist one.