Casa Kovats
Kováts House
  • Architecture -Clasicist Style
  • Built – 1836
  • Architect –

The final shape of this building, which we can enjoy today, is configured during the rebuilding following the great fire which spread over the city in the year 1836.

Built in classical style, like many buildings in Oradea with an architect and builder which did not leave signs for posterity, this corner building with an L-shaped plan divides the Unirii Square space in two asymmetrical spatial segments.
The main, eastern façade, opening towards the statue of Emanuil Gojdu, is divided into 13 axes. The central jutty, which offers the building it’s specificity, is segmented into 5 axes, enclosed on the sides with pilasters ending in Doric capitals. It is topped on the upper level by a large tympanum.

Unlike the main façade, the northern, secondary one, opening up towards Michael the Brave’s Statue, is formed of only 9 axes. Later on, four bays were added to these. The central jutty of this façade, less spectacular but still well designed, ends in a triangular pediment of more modest size. It is here that we find the architectural element which led to the cataloguing of this building as classical in style, namely the semi-circular cased arch which covers the main entry passage.

The inner courtyard architecture is probably more spectacular than the outer facades. Here, at the first floor level, a beautiful segmented veranda of columns ending in Doric capitals can be admired.