Casa Roth
Roth House
  • Architecture – Secession
  • Built – 1902-1906
  • Architect – I. Mende

This building is another proof of the predilection Oradea architects had for the Secession style, at a certain time. The building architect is Mende Valér, and the builder is the engineer Incze Lipót. The affinity towards the Central-European Secession of German-Viennese style is evidence on the building façade, where ceramic tiles and the fortunate rectilinear-curvilinear combination offers a distinctive, dominant character.

On the vertical façade on No. 3 Vasile Alecsandri Street, an accented division can be observed, via the pilasters decorated with ceramic tiles, resulting in three axes. The balcony on the first floor is rectilinear and delimitated on the outside through a metallic parapet. The balconies on the third and fourth levels are semi-circular and jut out further from the wall. They are built from plastered brick.

The façade windows are accomplished by closing off straight lines, their highlighting in the overall ensemble being brought on by the bass-reliefs constructed on top.

The polygonal attics break the façade’s linearity on the top side of its three axes.