Magazinul de sticlărie Deutsch K.I
Deutsch K. I. Glassware Shop
  • Architecture – Secession
  • Built – 1906 – 1910
  • Architect -

This is another building about which much information is lacking. Unfortunately, this representative building for the Oradea Secession does not have a known architect and builder, as they were discreet enough not to leave their signature anywhere. What is known, although with some doubt, is that the Shop appeared in the city’s landscape sometime between the years 1906 and 1910. Also, it is known for certain that it belonged to the Deutsch K. I. firm, the same enterprise which bought the Glass Factory in the Black Forest village In 1906.

The façade on No. 2 Alecsandri Street, opposite the Roth House façade, kept almost intact even after the reconstruction of the building in 1970, is in our opinion one of the most successful examples of the decorative explosion and exuberance of the Secession style.

Divided in three main axes, the highly glazed façade is completely covered with a floral relief inspired by traditional embroidery. The three bays, the central one ending in a tri-lobed tympanum and centrally marked by a heart shaped windows, and the lateral ones, ending in semi-circles, are subscribed to the curvilinear characteristics of Secession style. The high pediment of the façade is topped off by faux attics.