Clădirea Bazarului
The Bazaar Building
  • Architecture – Eclectic
  • Built – 1900
  • Architect – Rimánoczy Kálmán sr.

THE BAZAAR BUILDING is placed between Republicii Street and Madách Imre Street. The building, designed by Rimánoczy Kálmán senior in eclectic style, with a neoclassical and renaissance dominant, was constructed with materials obtained from the demolition of houses which had previously filled the space currently occupied by the Theatre and the Bazaar. Work began in 1899. This massive building, dominated by symmetry and an imposing frontispiece which highlights the pedestrian crossing going through its mid part, was host to the first movie theatre in Oradea. It is remarkable that on the top of the passage which connects the two streets, in the central area, on a shield which is held by an angel, the early 20th Century crest of Oradea is apparent.