Palatul Rimanoczy Sr
Rimanoczy Kalman Senior Palace
  • Architecture – Eclectic
  • Built – 1905
  • Architect – Rimánoczy Kálmán Sr.

RIMANÓCZY KALMAN Senior PALACE occupies the right corner of the intersection between the current Republicii Street and Trajan Park No. 1. As there is no precise information as to the dates when the building was constructed, specialists place it as being finished around 1905. It is a copy, to a different scale and obviously greatly simplified, of the Venetian palace Cá d’Oro. It was designed by the owner’s son, the often-mentioned architect Rimánoczy Kálmán jr. Dominated by curved lines, accolades on decorated brows, pointed arches, it belongs to the eclectic style with obvious neo-gothic influences.