Palatul Baroc
The Baroque Palace
  • Architecture – Stil baroc
  • Built – 1761-1777
  • Architect – Franz Anton Hillebrandt
THE BAROQUE PALACE (Şirul Canonicilor Street) was built between 1761 and 1777. It is part of the same architectural complex and is, again, the work of the Viennese architect Franz Anton Hillebrandt. After the cornerstone was set on May 23rd 1762, the work took place under the supervision of the Austrian construction engineer Johann Michael Neumann. The palace building is distinguished by its exterior monumentality and its interior grandeur. It is shaped as a giant U, its facade is 102.3 m wide, and its lateral wings are 25 m long. The style used in its design is a French import, via Austria, namely the French Palatine Baroque, also known as “cour d’honneur”. There are 282 windows on the three floors of the building. It is notable that, although this palace did not entirely follow the initial designs, which would have increased its architectural value, it is the most important and extensive Baroque project in our country and, probably, in SE Europe.