Palatul “Vulturul Negru”
“Vulturul Negru” Palace
  • Architecture – Secession
  • Built – 1907 – 1908
  • Architects – Komor Marcell şi Jakab Dezső
THE BLACK EAGLE COMPLEX is probably the most monumental architectural accomplishment in Oradea and in Transylvania, as far as the Secession building style is concerned. The contest to build this architectural complex was won by architects Komor Marcell and Jakab Dezső. Its construction, on the old location of the “Black Eagle” Inn, begins in 1907, under the supervision of construction engineer Sztarill Ferenc, and in December 1908, the edification is complete.

Comprised and two unequal and asymmetrical building bodies, connected to a third, much retracted one, in the middle, the complex was to house: a theatre, ballrooms, a casino, offices and so on. The Y-shaped passage with its three entry points (main entry in Unirii Square, secondary entrances on V. Alecsandri and Independenței Streets), the staggering avalanche of curved lines, the alternation of stuccos-bass reliefs with floral and figurative motifs, the stained glass and the colossal chandeliers are compositionally organized in such a symmetrical way that the eminence of the edifice cannot be contested.