Palatul Sztarill
Sztarill Palace
  • Architecture – Secession
  • Built – 1902-1906
  • Architect – Sztarill Ferencz
SZTARILL PALACE (Hotel Astoria) with the renowned EMKE coffee-shop – where the poet Ady Endre undertook much of his literary activity, and where he met his inspiring muse, Leda – still exists, under the name Astoria. This establishment was built at the intersection of the current Teatrului Street with Ferdinand Square. The palace was designed by Sztarill Ferenc, between the years 1902 and 1906, in eclectic style with obvious Secession influences. The building is evidence of the architectural good taste, but also for the ornamental and chromatic exuberance which fascinated local architects and Oradea citizens alike. Rehabilitated a few years ago, the Sztarill Palace showcases its striking carousel of curved lines and colors.