Palatul Apollo
Apollo Palace
  • Architecture – Secession
  • Built – 1912-1916
  • Architect – Rimánoczy K.
APOLLO PALACE (Republicii Street, No. 12) is situated on the right side of the promenade as we walk towards the Fortress. The construction of this monumental palace began at the start of 1912. It was built according to the design of architect Rimánoczy junior, who even supervised the first part of the construction, the project being taken over after his death by engineer-architect Krause Tivadar, until 1914, when the work was finished. The palace elegantly blends the Berlineze art-deco with German Empire heraldic elements. It is a building of impressive ornamentation: stuccos, statuettes and hardware. On the top level of the palace, spaces were constructed which were meant to be painters’ workshops, hallmarked by their enormous illuminating windows. They continue to be, even today, the workshops of some of the most famous artists of the city.