Hotel Parc
The Park Hotel
  • Architecture – Eclectic Style
  • Built – 1914-1915
  • Architect – Czoczek Alajos
THE PARK HOTEL, placed opposite the previous objective we’ve briefly presented, on No. 5 Republicii Street, was built on top of an older, baroque building, dating from the second half of the 18th Century (the Bethlen Palace), between 1913 an 1915. According to specialists, the architect seems to have been Czoczek Alajos, but the builder is unknown. The predominant style is eclectic, dominated occasionally by Secession ornaments and Art Deco decorative elements (in the inner courtyard), but also by somber elements particular to the provincial classical style (on the main façade).

Secession elements are also noticeable in an almost original state in the inner courtyard and in the stairwell (windows, stained glass and hardware). A hotel belonging to the Weiszlovits family has been functioning here since 1915. Emil Weiszlovits, a genial character, under the thrall of the Orient, imposes his vision on the “decoration” of the space. It seems that, at his bequest, Rabindranath Tagore visits Oradea and is hosted in this hotel.