Spitalul judeţean (fost Orăşenesc)
The County Hospital
  • Architecture -Romantic Style
  • Built – 1806-1860
  • Architect -
THE COUNTY HOSPITAL (STATIONARY 2; Republicii Street, nr. 37). This hospital has a long-spanning history, having been built for this purpose in 1806. In multiple stages, floors were added and extensions of the building were constructed, either on its sides or towards the initial courtyard 853-1860, 1871, 1895, 1919, and 1923). The style is mainly Romantic, but one can also detect some architectural additions typical of the English Gothic, such as the bastion-shaped capitals above the main gate. The initial project belonged to the architect Kiss Antal, but the current building doesn’t entirely resemble the design in the Archives of Oradea, exhibiting this shape and aspect since, apparently, 1895.