Şcoala normală greco-catolică
The Greek-Catholic Normal School
  • Artchitectural Style – Neoromânesc
  • Built – 1934
  • Architect – Sallerbeck Anton

The building is situated at No. 5 Iuliu Maniu Street. Its function throughout its existence was always the same – educational space. The birth of this building, in the year 1934, is due both in conception and materially, to the Greek-Catholic Bishop of the time, Valeriu Traian Frenţiu.
The designs and construction proper are attributed to architect-builder Sallerbeck Anton. He opts, probably encouraged by the bishop’s requests and the functional needs of the edifice, for the neo-Romanian style (thus names in specialist literature, it is a late variant of the Brâncovenesc style). Another noteworthy fact is that few buildings in Oradea and in Bihor County were built in this style, but the vast majority of them belong to the Greek-Catholic Church.

The building extends on two streets, but the main façade, the representative one, is located on Maniu Street. It is divided into seven well-individualized areas, distinct and marked by symmetry.
The elevation occurs on three well-differentiated levels. Between the ground floor and the first floor there is a band, and between the first and second floors, there is an eave. On the first floor of the façade, a loggia is apparent. It juts out from the wall as a bay window. The façade’s symmetry is rhythmically punctuated by lateral columns underneath the gazebos.

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