Palatul de Justiţie
The Palace of Justice
  • Architecture – Eclectic Style
  • Built – 1898
  • Architect –

On the location where this building was constructed, now No. 10 Trajan Park, there once stood an older palace, the Frimont Palace. It was demolished in order to make room for the new building. The designer of the new building was the University Professor Architect Kiss István. The builder, engineer Schiffer Miksa, begins construction in May 1897, and finishes it in the same month of the following year.

The building, belonging to the Oradea eclectic style, is developed on three levels: a ground floor and two other floors. It stands out due to its main façade, the one facing the Trajan Park. It showcases the central jutty, which is delimited vertically on the upper levels. Colonnades with Ionic capitals, the lavish animal and vegetal stucco ornamentation on the window frames, and the statuary group on the cornice blend into a complex and attractive whole.