Casa Comitatului
The County Building
  • Architecture – Stil baroc
  • Built – 1728
  • Architect –

The building is placed at No. 5 Trajan Park and now houses the Bihor county Prefecture and the County Council.
This building’s “birth” is shrouded in mystery, as it is impossible to precisely determine the year of its construction. It is possible, according to some documents and specialists, that it may have been built in the year 1728, under the supervision of Roman-Catholic Bishop Emericus Csáky. Other documents reveal that it may have been built during the episcopate of Adam Patachich, sometime between 1756 and 1778. What is certain is that it has been entirely remade in the year 1855. That is the year in which the southern wing is also added, the one towards the current Aurel Lazăr Street. The reconstruction leads to the destruction of the baroque façade elements, restricting their presence to the inner stairwell parapet.

The last building stage is the work of a local master builder, Imre János. The main façade is divided in 20 axes and is dominated by the three jutties: two secondary ones, on the extremities, topped with attics, and one main jutty, centrally placed, covered with a massive gable, in the middle of which a clock had been placed, a sign that the Oradea community also considered the concept of time secularization, of equating it with currency and taxes. The secondary façade is divided in only 14 axes.

The interior is generally austere, save for the main stairwell, where one can encounter pilasters, column with Tuscan capitals, cased ceiling (classical architecture elements) and baroque style parapets.