Palatul Moskovits Adolf şi fii
Moskovits Adolf and Sons Palace
  • Architecture – Secession
  • Built – 1904 – 1905
  • Architect – Rimánoczy Kálmán jr.

The years 1910 and 1911 are full of activity for the two Oradea architects in thrall with Secession, namely the Vágó brothers. In parallel with the construction of the Darvas – La Roche villa, they design the building plans for a new corner building in the afore-mentioned style. It is the Moskovits II Palace, the imposing building which covers the corner of the Vasile Alecsandri Street, opening up into Unirii Square. Its execution is performed in stages, with proper construction work being supervised by construction-engineer Incze Lajós.

Two stages were necessary for the Secession ensemble to look the way we can admire it today. In the first stage, the one in the year 1910, the small side of the construction is raised, the Alecsandri Street wing. One year later, the second wing is already built. This offers the building façade. Both wings have an elevation of one ground floor and three floors.

The main façade is given powerful rhythm by the oblong windows and the rounded corners. The relative monotony, partial to a much more sober Secession style, is broken by the two convex bay windows. These break the linearity at the eaves level and end in triangular attics.

The decoration of the facades is based on small ceramic tiles colored in yellows and blues, and on the sgrafitti technique (showcasing the work scenes under the eaves).