Arhigimnaziul  Real
The Science Arch-gymnasium
  • Architecture – Stil eclectic
  • Built – 1895-1896
  • Architect – Busch David

This building is currently famed for housing one of the most important high school institutions in Bihor County, the “Emanuil Gojdu” National College. The edifice, comprised of a semi-basement, a ground floor and two floors, was raised between the years 1895 and 1896. Its designers – because we are dealing with a tandem of architects – Busch David, chief-engineer to the city at the time, and Knapp Ferenc, opt for an eclectic approach to the ensemble, accented with neo-Renaissance decorative elements.

The actual construction of the building was entrusted to one of the designers, engineer Knapp Ferenc. During the execution, the ensemble is widened slightly by the addition to the inner courtyard of a gym. This is due to a project developed exclusively by the city’s chief engineer.

The closed ensemble which currently forms the “Emanuil Gojdu” National College isn’t merely a tributary to the building of the Science Arch-Gymnasium. In addition to this original building, another one was added, through acquisition and absorption, which was a housing unit belonging to the Sonnenwirth family.