The State Theatre
  • Architecture – Stil eclectic
  • Built – 1899-1900
  • Architect – Fellner and Helmer
THE STATE THEATRE dominates Ferdinand Square with its imposing features. Situated in the center of a true architectural museum, this building in eclectic style imposes with exceptional craftsmanship. The construction, so avidly desired by the municipality of the age, was entrusted to renowned Viennese construction firm Fellner and Helmer. The two Viennese entrepreneurs, well known throughout Europe for their efficiency and good taste, presented a project to the Oradea municipality, and the construction work began on the 21st of July 1899. Due to the builders’ Rimánoczy Kálmán senior, Guttman József and Rendes Vilmos efficiency, by the 1st of October 1900 the building was finished and two weeks later the festive inauguration would take place. An art connoisseur may notice, on the facades, neoclassical and neo-Renaissance decorative elements, and inside, the predominance of the neo-baroque style. The statuary group in front of the theatre represents the two patron muses of the Dramatic Art: Tragedy (Melomene) and Comedy (Thalia). They bear the hallmark of a sculpture firm from Budapest.