Palatul Poștelor
The Post Palace
  • Architecture – Eclectic Style
  • Built – 1895
  • Architect –

The palace occupies the corner made by Roman Ciorogariu Street and George Barițiu Street. Its functionality has remained unchanged ever since its completion.

The Post Ministry of the time backs the idea of building an impressive edifice to house the Post Palace ever since 1893, launching a design competition for the future palace, which will be won by the prolific architect Rimanóczy Kálmán senior, of Oradea. However, the builder of the Ciorogariu edifice, master builder Guttman József, is forced to work based on a design imposed by the Post Ministry. In the year 1895, the building is already raised, in an eloquent eclectic style mainly detectable in its ornamentation.

Over a decade later (1909-1911), a new building is constructed, on Bariţiu Street. It is designed by engineer Nagy Virgil and is built by construction engineer Reisinger József. Unlike the old building, this one has two levels, but the style is unchanged. The new phone central moves within, as the city of Oradea had 2100 phone subscribers at that time.