Palatul Rimanoczy Jr. (Episcopia ortodoxă)
Rimanoczy Jr. Palace
  • Architecture – Eclectic Style
  • Built – 1903
  • Architect – Rimánoczy Kálmán jr.
It’s located in Piata Libertatii at no. 4 , near the right bank of the river Crisul Repede. Its construction began in the year of the peasant uprising led by Horea, Closca and Crisan, in parallel with the construction of the Church with Moon . Over the course of just three years , between 1784-1787 , the building erected in the classic- baroque style , visible on the exterior throw it’s facade , but also on the inside through specific decorative style , but atypical for the Calvinist Reformed cult . This concerns in particular the pulpit and the furniture .

Like many other Oradea churches, it will see at least two construction stages. The first stage belongs, both conceptual and practical, constructive to the architect James Eder and second, delayed nearly a century, belongs to the famous Oradean architect Rimanoczy Kalman senior (1884) . Noteworthy is the fact that Olosig beautiful parish church is also the host of a small but very full church history museum . Here you can admire numerous valuable pieces such as parish seals, old books (one of the few copies of the Balgrad Bible), ritual vessels and fabrics.