Casa Rhedey
Rhedey House
  • Architecture – Baroque Style
  • Built – sec. XVIII
  • Architect -
The building is on the current street Jean Calvin at number 5. Over the history of this building hovers a relative fog. For example, although it bears the name of count Rhédey, leader of the Bihor comitat between 1791 – 1819, it can’t be said with certainty that he was the one who ordered the construction of the building. Also, it is unknown the people who designed and built it, nor the year or years of its appearance in Oradea’s urban landscape. What can be said with assuredness is, this simple building can be framed in the baroque architecture. It extends vertically on two levels. The facade is punctuated rhythmically by small rectangular windows without frames. The monotony of the facade is broken only by the central jutty and colonnette placed above it.