Scoala de Cadeti (Muzeul “Țării Crișurilor”)
“Țării Crișurilor” Museum
  • Architecture – Stil eclectic
  • Built – 1897
  • Architect – Alpar Ignac

This architectural complex is at the corner formed by Balcescu Park and the street University and is the result of the architectural vision of the famous architect of those days Alpár Ignac. The implementation of this vision, from the cover up to the main building, was entrusted to the construction company Neuschloss. The work began in August 1897 and the reception of the building was already made in October of next year.

Like the School of Gendarmerie, this complex also had a well defined purpose and utility, namely to serve as educational space for soldiers. The specific note of imposable is provided by the central building of the assembly. This massive eclectic construction extends over three floors vertically and horizontally on no less than 135 meters, the longest heritage building in Oradea and Bihor. The main front, longer than the Baroque Bishop’s Palace, stands out it’s central jutty. Divided into seven axes marked by huge windows with coronomante, he is relatively well balanced and decorated.