Palatul Moskovits Miksa
Moskovits Miksa Palace
  • Architecture – Stil secession
  • Built – 1911
  • Architects – Vago brothers

MOSKOVITS MIKSA PALACE (Trajan Park, No. 4), placed opposite of the Apollo palace, it was built to the plans of the same architect, between 1904 and 1905. It is yet another sample of the remarkable appetite Rimánoczy had for the German branch of art-deco, the „Munich secession style”, the so-called Lilienstil. In its construction, for the first time in Oradea, “prefabricated” materials were used, namely concrete slabs with metallic structure. It is highly ornamented with vegetal-symbolic motifs, with perfect mastery of curves and with remarkably well-crafted Secession hardware. Plant motifs are predominant, flowers with long, curved stems, which we encounter in all decorated elements. On the ground floor, vegetal ornaments are placed under the bay windows, on consoles, around grated openings.