1. Road transport
Oradea is an important node of regional and European transport, being located at the convergence of the two trans-European networks crossing Romania in the East-West direction, respectively Transylvania Highway and Axis 7 TEN-T, to which Oradea will be tied by DN 76 and DN 79 modernized.

tren-poza-mica2. Railway transport
Oradea is an important railway node for the connections with European countries by the border crossing point Bihor Diocese. By Central Station and peripheral stations passengers transit to/from Central and Western Europe as well as from the country. The transiting of the city by the railway network creates difficulties related to sound pollution in its limitrophe districts. At present the local, county, regional network up to Cluj, Arad, Satu-Mare –, respectively the international network is not electrified. However, Oradea represents the most important railway node from North-West of the country. It is transited by the Main Line 300 Bucharest-Oradea.

Since the end of nineteenth century, Oradea had other two stations apart from the central station, Velenţa Station, which served more and more as marshalling yard for the merchandise traffic and Ioşia Station. Today the municipality Oradea has 4 railway stations C.F.R. which are: Oradea East – Velenţa (marshalling yard and transport of passengers-shuttle service), Gara Mare (internal and international traffic of passengers), Oradea West – Ioşia North (marshalling yard and transport of passengers-shuttle service) and Bihor Diocese (border crossing point)
From Gara Mare there are daily connections with Intercity trains to the following destinations:
•    Timişoara Nord
•    Cluj Napoca
•    Bucureşti Nord
•    Braşov
•    Arad    •    Satu Mare
•    Baia Mare
•    Suceava
•    Iaşi    •    Ploieşti Vest
•    Sfântu Gheorghe
•    Miercurea Ciuc
•    Constanţa
Daily international connections are made to the destinations: Acc. Int. Corona – Braşov – Budapest East (and return) and IC Ady Endre – Cluj Napoca – Budapest East (and return)

avion-mica3. Air transport
Oradea has an airport with possibilities of modernization for international traffic.  The reduced traffic is not making pollution problems, but its future modernization will have to take into consideration this possibility.
At present from the International Airport  Oradea Tarom company operates daily internal flights, and the companies Carpatair and Club Air make regular flights to different destinations from Germany, Italy, France, Greece. The company Ţiriac Travel also makes occasional private flights.  Until 2010 the airport will be modernized to be brought to international standards of operation. The airport modernization works will imply the expansion and widening of the current runway for the facilitation of the landing of large airplanes and the building of a new terminal. The airport of Oradea is considered to be of European interest.

tramvai-mica4. Common transportation
In Oradea municipality the public transport of passengers is carried out with tramways and buses between the hours 5.00 and 24.00. In working days the first tramways of the company start from the tramway shed at 4.30 to the ends of lines, to serve public transportation beginning with 5.00 hour and continuing until 23.30 when the tramways withdraw to the tramway shed. The public transport by buses is carried out between the hours 5.00 and 23.30.  The number of means of transport used during the day varies depending on the number of passengers, the rush hours are considered between 5.00 and 8.30 and 13.00 şi 17.00. At present a number of 24 tramway stations and 9 bus stations are equipped with information boards for passengers.