teatru-mariaThe Theatre “Regina Maria” of Oradea

Is a cultural in stitution with an old tradition in which shows in Romanian are performed. The shows are assured by the professional theatre troupes „Iosif Vulcan” and „Arcadia”. Regina Maria Theatre is a theatre of repertoire. The shows are carried out in the main hall which has 650 seats.

teatru-copii„Arcadia” Troupe

was born at the initiative of a group made of enthusiastic lovers of the puppets theatre in one of the oldest buildings of Oradea, Green Tree Inn. Along the years, the old ARCADIA Theatre asserted itself thanks to its productions as one of the most prestigious institutions of theatre in Romania, as great creators and artists who gained international reputation carried out their activity here across time. The activity is carried out in two show halls, one hall has 201 seats (which can be extended to 250 seats), and the smaller hall has 100 seats.

filarmonicaThe Philharmonic Orchestra of Oradea

The repertoire of symphonic orchestra is well represented and wide, comprising works belonging to preclassical, classical and romantic composers, but also masterpieces of genre of 20th century, performing 55 shows a year. The choir of the philharmonic orchestra of Oradea is relatively young, but gained a serious experience in the last decade.

Address and Contact:
Moscovei Str.nr.5

ansamblu-artisticThe artistic professional Ensemble „Crişana”

Has a tradition of not less than half a century. In its composition there are: singers, instrumentalists, the folk dance team and the orchestra. The folk of Bihor has a good popularity with the public from the country and abroad, but the mastership of this ensemble makes it carry out an intense artistic activity with participations in many shows, television shows, festivals and international folk tours.

Address and Contact:
Address: Moscovei Str. nr.5., cod: 410001 Oradea, România,
Tel.: +40/259/430.853
Fax: +40/259/431.740,
Website :www.oradeaphilharmony.com

ansamblul-folcloricProfessional Artistic Folk Ensemble „Nagyvárad”.

It is recently founded, in February 2002 thanks to the initiative and support given by the local management of Hungarian minority, especially as a necessity of revaluation of traditional folk and not only. At present, in the composition of the ensemble there are three singers, six instrumentalists and six pairs of dancers.
Nagyvárad Ensemble has already made itself a name and a reputation, being the fifth professional Hungarian band in the country.

Address and Contact:
Address: Oradea, Piaţa Regele Ferdinand I., nr. 6, Jud Bihor, Romania,
Tel.: 0359/805-000, 0359/800-533, Fax:0259/435-771,
Website: www.szigligeti.ro

biblioteca-judeteana„Gheorghe Şincai” Country Library.

It is a public library at country level, with traditional encyclopaedic profile in the formation of collections and its databases, having a rich patrimony and documentary fund of over one hundred thousand units of records, from total collections of about 636 743 inventory units. The new office (inaugurated on 25th October 2007), an impressive building of 5.000 square meters, is new, beautifully arranged, well aired, welcoming, with a generous space, with access to modern technologies (32 places of Internet access), briefly it is an institution completely adjusted to the 3rd millennium.
It is present in the life of the inhabitants of the area by its five subsidiaries (Ioşia, Decebal, Dacia, Medicină and Băile Felix).

Address and Contact:
Oradea, Str. Armatei Române nr. 1/A
Tel.: 0259-431257, 0359-800363, 0359-800368,
Website: www.bibliobihor.ro, email: bibliobihor@yahoo.com

Family Magazine
Înfiinţată de Iosif Vulcan în 1865, cu scopul de a răspândi cultura română în Transilvania, revista Familia a găzduit în anul următor apariţiei debutul lui Mihai Eminescu, cu poezia „De-aş avea”. A apărut la început la Pesta, iar apoi, începând cu anul 1880, la Oradea. Revista a avut patru serii, cea de-a cincea datând din anul 1965 până în prezent.


„Criş Country” Museum

It is one of the largest museums of Romania. This cultural scientific unit holds over 300,000 of visible and active exhibits, but in its “custody” there are over 900,000 units of records, which form a cultural and intercultural patrimony of an inestimable spiritual and material value. It functions with four departments (natural sciences, history, ethnography, art) and three subsidiaries: „Iosif Vulcan” Memorial Museum, „Ady Endre” Memorial Museum and „Aurel Lazăr” Memorial House.

muzeu-memorial„Iosif Vulcan” Memorial Museum

“Iosif Vulcan” Memorial Museum functions in the building which housed, between 1896-1906, the place of Iosif Vulcan and the editorial staff of the magazine „Familia”.

Address and Contact:
Address: Iosif Vulcan nr. 16

muzeu-adyAdy Endre” Memorial Museum

“Ady Endre” Memorial Museum is housed by the building of the former coffee house „Müller”, a building of patrimony which at the crossroads of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries was very popular among the local intellectuals of Oradea. This smart place with terrace was one of the favourite places of the young poet Ady Endre, who found here a place where he could create.

Address and Contact:
Parcul Traian nr.1

muzeu-aurel„Aurel Lazăr” Memorial Museum

“Aurel Lazăr” Memorial Museum (important Romanian politician, militant for the rights of Romanians from Transylvania) will be inaugurated on 1st December of current year. It will be housed by the building which served as residence to the family of the lawyer dr. Aurel Lazăr.

Address and Contact:
str. Aurel Lazăr nr. 13

Children’s Palace

It is already remarkable the presence in the public life of Oradea of centres, clubs and associations with educational, Christian and cultural object of activity, which are the expression of civil society and practically fulfil some of the projects and cultural tasks of the community.

Addresa and Contact:
Muzeului Str. nr. 2,
Tel/fax.: 0259.411.548